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Measuring Global Temperature: Part II–Spatial Averaging

Having discussed how thermometer data is used to construct time series of temperature at a station (see Part I), we now turn to how we compare data among all the weather stations in a region and on the Earth. Again, … Continue reading

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Measuring Global Temperature: Part I–Temporal Averaging

“The thermometer record shows unequivocally that Earth is warming, and provides the main evidence that this is caused by human activity.” —von Storch & Allen, Nature, 7 January 2010, doi:10.1038/463025a When reading the quote above, the term “thermometer record” seems … Continue reading

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Welcome to Clima Nova

FRAMEWORK FOR GLOBAL CHANGE SCIENCE Our present economic and social systems were developed within a framework of nearly unlimited geologic and ecologic resources. Starting in the distant past, humans locally or even regionally modified and changed the Earth’s landscape. In … Continue reading

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