Dr. Johnnie N. Moore

Presently, I am an independent consultant and Emeritus Professor in the Geoscience Department at the University of Montana. I was at U of M for 37 years and have a wide range of experience in teaching, research and policy. I was the Director of the University of Montana River Center, the goal of which is to inform the broad community of river scientists, managers and restoration practitioners in innovative and sound methodologies to improve river management and restoration skill. I also supervised the Environmental Biogeochemistry Laboratory, a central laboratory for geochemical analyses. From 2004-2006, I served as the Lead Scientist for the California Bay-Delta Authority, Science Program, in Sacramento, CA, which oversaw science conducted for the CALFED Program, a multi-year, billion-dollar ecosystem restoration and water management program in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River-Delta system. At the University of Montana, I taught and did research in environmental geoscience, specifically, hydrology, river restoration, environmental geochemistry and response to global climate change. Most recently, I taught courses in Global Change (Junior), and Environmental Geochemistry (Senior and Graduate), and Human Effects on Rivers and River Restoration (Graduate). Much of my teaching/mentoring was field/lab oriented revolving around direct student involvement in examining and solving local/regional/global environmental problems. I have authored about fifty refereed journal publications, many reports, two books, and many abstracts/papers presented at professional meetings; close to sixty grants and contracts since 1979 total approximately $6 million. My other professional achievements include: Expert consultant for Mountain Water Co., Missoula MT; Expert consultant for USEPA/USDoJ Superfund litigation, and the State of Montana Clark Fork River Damage Assessment; Expert witness for American Home Ins. Co.; oversight of specific USEPA Superfund sites in Montana and USDoE Subsurface Science Program experiments at Hanford; Chair of special sessions for Amer. Geophysical Union and Geological Society of America meetings; University of Montana Distinguished Scholar; Member of the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate and member of the Academic Standards and Regulations Committee; Member of the Board of Directors of Citizens for Science in Public Participation; Member of the Editorial Board of Advances in Environmental Research, Pergamon Press; Associate Editor, San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science; California Bay-Delta Authority Service Award in June 2005 for my contributions to that program as Lead Scientist. I have been involved in several professional workshops to better define/organize river restoration approaches and have also set on scientific panels reviewing and advising on large-scale river restoration and water management efforts in California.

The effects of human actions on rivers and restoring impacted rivers to more natural processes has been a teaching and management interest of mine for the last few years. My present research concentrates on the Holocene-historical climate change and river response to direct and indirect human actions (water use, land use and climate change) by using existing climate data sets (paleoclimate and historical climate).